This is a simple and usefull tip to use in Sharepoint. In a scenario that you have a column that is only updated by a Flow, you need to get a workaround to garantee that the users cannot change the value.

Note that this post will not show how to update the value via Flow.

Lets consider for this example that we want to create a column Status that is updated by a Flow.

Go to the list settings and create the column Status. We recommend to put the suffix _Hidden_ in the name to become easier to identify.

Create Column _Hidden_FlowStatus

Now create a calculated column that contains the status column in the formula.

Create calculated column Flow Status

Go to List settings -> Advanced Settings and Select Allow management of content type then press Ok.

List settings -> Advanced Settings
Allow management of content type

With this we can change the settings of content types. Now in the Content types list, click in the content type definition

content types list

, and click in the _hidden column.

content type settings

Set the column setting to Hidden and click Ok.

Set column has hidden

Finally, go to the list views definitions and show the calculated column insted of the hidden collumn.

Edit list view

This way even if the user go to the quick edit, it cannot edit the column value

Quick edit view


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