PowerBI Tiles Pro feature

PowerBI Tiles Pro

PowerBI Tiles Pro is an Office add-in that allows you to embed Power BI reports in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Outlook emails.

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PowerBI Robots feature

PowerBI Robots

Schedule Power BI reports and dashboards, and send them anywhere, to an unlimited number of recipients. Tell PowerBI Robots when and where you want your reports, and it will always deliver them on time.

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PowerBI Portal feature

PowerBI Portal

PowerBI Portal removes limits on the number of Power BI reports you can share and the users you can share them with. Reports are fully available and interactive on an online portal with limited, customized access.

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PowerBI Data Portal feature

PowerBI Data Portal

Share dataflows from your Power BI workspace with anyone. With PowerBI Data Portal, it’s easy to share an organization’s data in read-only mode and collaborate with clients, partners, or suppliers.

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SmartDocumentor Cloud feature

SmartDocumentor Cloud

SmartDocumentor Cloud is an all-in-one intelligent document processing tool that helps companies drastically reduce the time they spend processing business documents.

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