Sharepoint has a variety of native web parts available and, as expected, there is one dedicated to displaying the feed from an RSS channel. However, it doesn’t offer the ability of customization, only controlling the number of items being displayed.

Webpart RSS

Why not take advantage and combine Power Automate (Flow) and Sharepoint Lists to fix this gap?

Create Sharepoint List

Firstly, we must create a Sharepoint List with the following fields:

  • Title (single line of text)
  • Description (single line of text)
  • Url (single line of text)
  • Date Pub (date and time)

Create Power Automate

Choose the trigger “When a feed item is published” and set the URL of the RSS being used.

Trigger Feed RSS

Verify the length of the description. By default, a single line of text has 255 characters.

Verify the description’s length

The last step is creating the item in the list.

Action Create Item at Sharepoint List

Customize List Item

Until now, we only have a simple List. To customize it, we’ll use view formatting using the following JSON.

You can find documentation on View Formatting here.

Create & Edit view formatting

Set Webpart

Finally, the last step is adding our List webpart to the page.

Extra Step

If you wish to get the old feed, it’s also possible to do it! You only need to Just create a Flow that will get it starting at a certain date.

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