Do you usually have loads of pages with surveys’ answers? How do you analyse that data?

You have two solutions to get rid of the paper:

A) Smartdocumentor with PowerBI integration for the feedback analysis.

B) Build a solution with Office365 services.

The chosen option was B) Build a solution with Office365 services.

We came up with a codeless solution with a combination of SharePoint Online, PowerApps, Flows, Dynamics 365 on prem and Power BI.


At this point, we are going to tell you the painful story of our colleague from Human Resources, who is responsible of the feedback process analysis.

Let’s call her Maria and let’s put in their shoes:

Imagine that you have trainings or events every 2 weeks and you need to book rooms, send invitation to everyone in the company, have the name of the participants for the check-in and get the analysis of the surveys of those trainings. Besides that, you also need to create a budget on Dynamics365 for the participant’s timereports.


So, we decided to make Maria’s life easier and optimize the process, and we came up with an idea:

1. We have created an Office365 Group with the name of “Surveys”

2. After that we have created a website on SharePoint Online.
Here, we have an events’ calendar, an events’ list and a surveys’ list.

3. When we have a new training coming, we insert it at the calendar on the Outlook group and invite all the DevScope Ninjas.
Automatically, this event is synced with the SharePoint calendar and, with Flow it is created a new item on the SharePoint events’ list.

3.1. Also with Flow, when a new item is added on the SharePoint events’ list, it creates a budget on a specific project on Dynamics365.
As we have Dynamics365 on prem, we needed a Web API.

4. Now, for the survey, we wrote all the questions on the SharePoint surveys’ list.

5. In order to create a survey form on a PowerApp with these questions, we have used the existing surveys’ list in SharePoint .

6. At the event day, attendees instead of answering the usually survey on paper at the end of the event, they can answer directly at the PowerApp.

6.1. Their answers are going to be saved on the SharePoint surveys’ list.

7. At this point, the only need was to analyse the results of the surveys.
This was possible with PowerBI. We have integrated the data of the surveys’ results on it and made a beautiful dashboard, which was embeded on a SharePoint page of the website for Maria to aknowledge them.


Maria is happy and collecting feedback on paper it’s old school stuff from 90’s!
We have just optimize her work and get rid of tons of paper.

Without programming skills, it is also possible to do great things!

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