Whatis Vacations and Absences for SharePoint

The Vacations and Absences add-in for SharePoint allows you and your employees to schedule vacations and record absences. Also, allows Human Resources to manage that information and decide above your employee's requests and submissions. All the people involved receives email notifications so they know when something has changed and also seen those changes quickly wherever they are. Your employees are able to change the scheduled dates for his vacations, edit the absence periods in a day, choose or type an absence reason and attach supporting documents. The Vacations and Absences add-in is paid so feel free to contact us to get a quote to SharePoint Online on Office365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 OnPremise. Contact us and we will ensure all the support you need. If you have any questions please email us on the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


This free App download is now available for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.

Main Features

Highlighted Feature
Scheduling Holidays and Vacancies Periods
Highlighted Feature
Record absences
Highlighted Feature
Attach absence supporting documents
Highlighted Feature
Manage employees vacations and absences by HR
Highlighted Feature
Allows recording a portion of period of time from a workday: all-day, half-day and small periods of time in hours and minutes.
Highlighted Feature
Aproval Workflow - Several approval levels and stages
Highlighted Feature
Email notifications operated automatically

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